Wetzin'Kwa Community Forest Corporation


Annual profits from the operations are distributed back into the Bulkley Valley to provide the greatest long term benefit.

Wetzin'kwa Community Forest Corporation operates a community forest licence in the Bulkley Valley.

Wetzin’kwa Community Forest Corporation’s general management objectives include environmental, social and economic objectives.

About Us

The Wetzin’kwa Community Forest Corporation (WCFC) is the licensee responsible for managing the community forest tenure jointly held by the Town of Smithers and the Village of Telkwa.

What Is a Community Forest?

A community forest is an area-based forest tenure awarded by government to communities to enhance their local control over forest management.


Ecological image}


Maintain and sustain functional integrity of ecosystems.

Cultural image}


Conserve and preserve cultural heritage sites and features.

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Enhance outdoor recreation and education opportunities.

Economical image}


Sustain, expand, and diversify local forestry employment.

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