Wetzin'Kwa Community Forest Corporation


Annual profits from the operations are distributed back into the Bulkley Valley to provide the greatest long term benefit.

Wetzin'kwa Community Forest Corporation operates a community forest licence in the Bulkley Valley.

Wetzin’kwa Community Forest Corporation’s general management objectives include environmental, social and economic objectives.

Contractor Information

Wetzin’kwa Community Forest Corporation (WCFC) holds a community forest agreement (licence) “K2P” with an Annual Allowable Cut (AAC) of approximately 26,000 m3.  WCFC from time to time intends to subcontract the road construction, harvesting and hauling under this agreement to local (i.e. Base of business is located in the Bulkley Valley) logging and road construction contractors.   In order to facilitate the tendering process for timber harvesting and road construction contracts, WCFC would like to have an updated Select Bidder List for timber harvest and road construction contracts. 

See application below..